Pinsky (mpinsky) wrote in hellsingreviews,

Story Up for Shredding

Hello, all.

My name is known as "Superficial Faith" over at (Yuugi-chan over at Media Miner), and somehow, my story "Lab Specimen (I)" wound up on the "Remarkable Hellsing Fiction" community.  However, despite being told over and over again how good it is, I want to know its flaws, which I am not getting from peers.  My request is that hopefully you all will help me out with that, as I am hesitant to post the third chapter due to the chance that I might repeat a mistake and/or if its writing quality is not up to par with the previous two chapters (hence, why I want to know what I can fix before hand).

I am going to give you the link to the story on Media Miner as all the kinks (typos and the like) out.

Have fun shredding it apart!  O_o
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