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Hellish Reviews

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Hellsing's reviews
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This community was created with one purpose: to improve the quality of the fan fiction inside the Hellsing fandom. The original idea was from blutengel while it was put in practice by sir_hellsing


We are a community for both readers and writers. To the author we offer our services as critics and proof readers (for characterization, grammar, spelling, punctuation, canon facts) as long they keep an open mind and are willing to improve. The readers here can find the rare promising fan fictions inside the sections. Every site with Hellsing fan fiction (journals, personal pages, ff.net, boards, adultff.net, mediaminer, etc) will be subject to our evaluation.


1. Respect the fellow members' opinions, do not fight over pairings or characterization. Intelligent debate to expose different POVs is allowed as long there are no insults involved. Our objective is to stand together against bad fan fiction of any kind, not to bicker among ourselves.

2. Do not bash any character of the series! Bashing characters is a stupid childish action not proper of real fans. Fine, Incognito might be an exception ;)

3. Degree of mocking and harsh reviews (almost flamish) are allowed as long the authors are proven to be closed minded to criticism, have really toxic bad fic, or are bashers of any particular character (which includes the unnecessary ‘villainizing’ of them in the fics), Suvians, insult the reviewers, and have (at least) one character REALLY OOC and don’t want to acknowledge the OOCness (if they already admit it then no). In other cases, one must be objective and polite.

4. You are allowed to post how you view each character’s personalities and relationships apart from reviews. Such opinions should be support by evidence inside the manga/anime and all can be subject of debate later. Insight about your personal take on characters is actually quite welcomed.

5. Crossovers and Parodies won't always follow the canon and certain degrees of OOCness inside them is allowed, we shall be more merciful with them. But not a great overall of it, there can be done without being toxic and following some half-decent explanation.

6. In the Name of Canon, Mary Sues and Gary Stues must be banished to the Eternal Damnation. Amen. Even with our different preferences in shipping, we must united against this self-indulging bad form of writing.

7. Any member can post about his/her ideas for future fan works, promote web pages, boards, etc. As long it is connected with Hellsing (can be Vlad Tepes related, Dracula related, vampire related).

8. You are allowed to post (and mock if necessary) the flames or intelligent replies from the authors one reviews.

9. To any angry author (and sockpuppets) who strolls here for your own volition, please refrain from using the following terms: “This is my story and I'll do what I want!” “Fuck you all (add here the homophobic insult of your preference)” “You are just jealous of my talent!” “Why don’t you all die and burn in Hell!” “The world is like this because of you!” “Get a life losers!” and any other with such description. In the case of using them, please prepare to be mocked mercilessly for the lack of originality. And refrain of using netspeak if you want any chance of being taken seriously. The purpose of this site is to improve the fandom, not to hurt the writer’s feelings.

Sample of Review:


Grammar, Style, Spelling and Punctuation:
Overall rating: (Wow; Good; Promising; Bad; Toxic!).

Sample of the story:

Final Words before you can post:

- This is an open membership community. Any member can post reviews (with your own style as long it doesn't violate rules and sample). Don't be afraid to post.

- Always post the link of where the story was taken and, if the author has a profile, put the url as well.

- The sample must be a small part of the fanfiction (always placed behind lj cuts), we don’t want be accused of plagiarism. In the case the fic is really short, just post the direct link.

- Give the link to your review to the author. Be the story good or bad. The authors need feedback.

- Before reviewing or bring up a topic to discuss, please check in memories to see if it hadn't been done before.

- Any personal comments, snarky, praising, etc may be added in the review.

- In the case of future multichapter fics, they must be at least two chapters uploaded to create a proper review (one cannot criticize very well based only in one sole chapter).

- Remember not all Original Characters are Mary Sue or Gary Stu.

- Have fun! Fandom isn't supposed to distress you! Laugh at it if it becomes unbearable!


Remarkable Hellsing Fiction.