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Hellsing's reviews

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Not new, just back in town [04 Oct 2009|10:27pm]

I'm not really new to the Hellsing community, but I've been gone for a while. The new series has gotten me back into the fandom, and I thought I'd share a revamped fanfic since you gave me such nice reviews on its beginning last time: community.livejournal.com/hellsingreviews/41357.html

I took everyone's suggestions into consideration, cleaned up the grammer a bit and corrected a few mis-characterizations and I am resubmitted this fic for your review. I plan on posting it in its entirety over the next week or so, complete with its smutty conclusion, which the sucky ff.net rules prevented me from posting.

Messy: www.fanfiction.net/s/5422129/1/Messy
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Fanfiction Awards [21 Jul 2009|11:18am]


*watches a tumbleweed bounce gently past*

Wow, place is dead.

This came up on one of my other coms:

AF- Anime Fanfiction Awards

There's no section for Hellsing nominations at this time, but as there are some rather decent writers out there, I see no reason why there shouldn't be. The manga is gone, but there's no reason why the fandom should disappear with it. I think it's worth getting involved with.

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Pip x Seras for y'all [28 Jun 2008|11:18am]

[ mood | pensive ]

Hi y'all!

I'm new to this fandom so I only currently have one fic worth posting. It's a Pip x Seras fic I did for a LJ challenge. Feel free to pick it apart any way you see fit.


*Not sure what else to say x_x* -Shot-

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Ah Hello? Review for Breaking the Beast [10 May 2008|06:35pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Ah, new here, so bear with me...and I apologize if anyone's reviewed this one before...

 Title: Breaking the Beast
Author: Woof
Summary: "For every tale a beginning. Ten years after a fateful cold November evening in Transylvania, Abraham Van Helsing copes with the dangerous prisoner in his basement... (My first Hellsing fic. Criticism greatly appreciated.)"

Plot: Basically how Alucard comes to be bound by Abraham and how things progress afterwards. Told from Van Helsing's prospective.
Grammar, Style, Spelling and Punctuation: Flawless
Originality: I've seen a few people attempt to explore the change from Dracula to Alucard, but Woof's version is the best I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
Characterization: Completely on target. Alucard's character is more Manga related, and Abraham seems to have come directly out of Bram Stoker's Dracula. The combination of the two is mind blowing. Most of Dracula's characters are not mentioned very much, but when they do make appearances they are canon.
Entertainment: I laughed a couple of times and recoiled once in horror. Also provided valuable insight into both characters.
Canon:No OOC here. Woof compliments both Stoker's and Hirano's material.
Flaws:This was never finished it. I suspect he was running out of ideas because the last chapter was a bit odd. It is also slow in one or two sections, but other than that it was addictive. There is still hope me may finish...someday...
Strengths: Story telling style, grammar,  chapters that weren't too short or too long, engaging, nor any overly dramatic parts. Concise and masterful. Plot was genius in detail and description. Reading this fic blew my mind away...
Suggestions:If it were finished, that would make it an epic...
Overall rating: (Wow; Good; Promising; Bad; Toxic!). WOW. 9 out of 10 because it has no ending. -_-

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Discussion tiemz (omg is the community still alive?) [31 Mar 2008|07:40pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Just to vent of Hellsing fic cliché plot themes that contradict canon. Share 'em.

I won't even touch the "Alucard turns a new girl in a mission" or "Alucard is awoken by Integra's heiress in the future" Sue plots.

Which are your pet peeves? While I've been guilty of writing this in the past (when the Manga didn't advance to correct me) and I KNOW it can be written well, the following plots bother me for redundancy and unoriginality:

Cut for nineCollapse )

None of these ideas are bad in the beginning (I have read good stories with the premises. I'm guilty some of them), but now they have become generic fanon "plot bunnies" of choice that tends to lead to OOC characterization. What happened to creativity?

What are yours?

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A fic for critique [01 Jan 2008|03:30pm]

If I've read the community rules right, I believe this is allowed.

I've got for you a fic focused on the relationship between Anderson and Enrico, mostly looking at Anderson's character.

At this time, I'm aware of a few spelling typos, and I'd like to have spaced it out a little better.

Any kind of comments are welcomed. Thanks very much!

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Hiya! First review... [19 Dec 2007|07:23pm]

[ mood | drained ]

I've been lurking around for a few weeks and thought I'd try my hand at reviewing.

Title: New Residency
Author: Sparkle26591 (who knew there were so many?)
Summary: There is a new residant at the Hellsing house, Who is she and why did Alucard bring her back? R and R please (OMG like intrigue!!)
Genres: General/Humor
Rating: Rated T for tacky.
Source: The Ninth Ring of Hell


Teh Plot!Collapse )

Grammar, Style, Spelling and Punctuation: Spelling errors, but not too many. First person, can get a bit confusing at times.
Originality: The self insert is as cliche as cliche can be. Prank wars, however, are something new.
Characterization: OOC is the only way to describe it. At least the author admitted that it might very well suck (which it did).
Entertainment: Um… laugh at the whole ridiculousness of it all?
Canon: ?
Flaws: Everybody's OOC, there's a self insert, the word "hiya" is used, the dialogue is weird at times, I could go on.
Strengths: Points for not making Integra a bitch and for it not really being a Sue… yet. Grammar's not too horrendous, I guess.
Suggestions: Try getting a better grip on the characters before attempting more fanfiction, take a writing class, the potential's there; use spell check, betas are always good things, lose the self inserts, keep trying!
Overall rating: (Wow; Good; Promising; Bad; Toxic!). Bad, not quite toxic, the story has no promise but the author does (at least I think she does, with a little practice).

Sample of the story:

KNOCK! KNOCK I say!Collapse )

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Story Up for Shredding [12 Aug 2007|07:48pm]

Hello, all.

My name is known as "Superficial Faith" over at fanfiction.net (Yuugi-chan over at Media Miner), and somehow, my story "Lab Specimen (I)" wound up on the "Remarkable Hellsing Fiction" community.  However, despite being told over and over again how good it is, I want to know its flaws, which I am not getting from peers.  My request is that hopefully you all will help me out with that, as I am hesitant to post the third chapter due to the chance that I might repeat a mistake and/or if its writing quality is not up to par with the previous two chapters (hence, why I want to know what I can fix before hand).

I am going to give you the link to the story on Media Miner as all the kinks (typos and the like) out.

Have fun shredding it apart!  O_o
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Red Anne Bonney, like Frodo, lives [18 Jun 2006|07:54pm]

I present my newest masterwork of reviewage: BabelFish, Stallions, and the Red Right Cock.

(Yes, Fics from Hell is--and has been--located at electric-monk.net for the past year now. I've just been too lazy to say anything).

Thanks are in order for hells_countess, whose excellent fic inspired me to peruse the Hellsing section and to find this, uh, less than savory gem.

::returns to my fandom pensionnaire life::
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Sacrifice [18 Jun 2006|08:15am]

[ mood | nervous ]

I am posting to offer up one of my stories as a sarifice on the altar of critisism. It is still in the works, and so I'm hoping that by getting feedback, I can improve further chapters. It's an AxI that may possibly turn out to be an AxIxS. In it, Integra goes blind, and Alucard blames himself. It's a drama/angst. I'm really looking forward to getting some in-depth reviews!

Read more...Collapse )

Thank you!
Hell's Countess

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a short ficlet [03 May 2006|05:22pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi! Er, well...I'm a lurker and it's not my first time to write AxI albeit I'm rather have little self-confidence on my works. I just want to know what you think on this piece. A ficlet I made for 31_days.


Just follow the fake-cut. ^^;


ETA: For those who are members of the other communities I've posted, sorry for the multiple posts. =_=

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Fic offering, "A Decade" [27 Apr 2006|09:47pm]

Hi, a first-time writer of Hellsing here. I'd like to have this fic of mine reviewed. I warn you in advance that it's been about half-beta'ed (I'm hoping a review from you guys will motivate me to go back and do the necessary edits), and I'm prone to the occassional typos.

Do with it what you will!

A Decade, Alucard/Integra
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A Night Out [26 Apr 2006|05:18pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I hereby sacrefice a brand new fic of mine to your reviews ^_^

Title: A Night Out
Fandom: Hellsing, manga version.
Pairing: Take it as a fic with pairings or not, read whatever you like into it.
type: Humor.
Warnings: A strip show but no graphic description of any naughty bits.
Beta: compli_cait-hime-sama-dono
synopsis: Post Dawn. It's Walter's 21st birthday and Arthur takes him to a special cabaret for his birthday. Islands comes along.
Word count: 5,453

A Night Out

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Like shooting fish in a barrel... [23 Apr 2006|11:05am]

Hello, first review. I've lurked here for ages, and things being slow, decided it was finally time to contribute something. Besides, this fic was way too amusing not to share.

Title: matting and wars of the heart
Author: Love Maker
Summary: "victoria loves Alucard but does he love her? a demon terorizes a small town and takes victoria will alucard save her this time...or leave her there to die? and when Integra finds out about them what will she think?"
Genres: Romance/Suspense
Rating: M
Source: Battlestar Volatica

Plot: As best as I can gather: Alucard has a sekrit spechial destiny that he can only fulfill with "Victoria", but their undead bliss is threatened by Integral, who will stop at nothing to have Alucard for herself.
Grammar, Style, Spelling and Punctuation: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Only the lack of netspeak elevates the prose just slightly above an AOL chatroom.
Originality: Been there, read that, got the T-shirt.
Characterization: Alucard falls into the same trap so very common in badly done AxS. Poor Integral comes off as one part jealous cow, one weepy teengirl, and one part supervillian. I have no idea who this Victoria is, because she doesn't resemble any canon Seras I know. The short lived demon reads like a downgraded retread of the Cheddar priest. Walter, Pip, Iscariot, and Millennium are all off somewhere giving thanks that they haven't been included in this production.
Entertainment: Extremely high! I laughed myself sick and had a splendid time reading it. Just probably not for any reasons intended by the author.
Canon: Brief references are made to a couple of general series events, but nothing specifically ties it to the TV series, manga, or OVA.
Flaws: In addition to all of the above, the smut scenes were just kind of odd, but not in a good sort of weird!sex way. Also, Victoria is Seras's surname, not her first name.
Strengths: Well... I was never bored.
Suggestions: Get a Spell-check. Get a Grammar-check. Get a Beta Reader. But first, please just sit down and carefully rewatch the anime and/or reread the manga before starting any future fanfic projects.
Overall rating: (Wow; Good; Promising; Bad; Toxic!) So toxic, your grandchildren will have gills.

Sample of the story:

Love Triangle? Oh noes!Collapse )
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Giving sacrefice [09 Mar 2006|02:44pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

I stumbeled into this community after looking for Hirano intreviews in sir_hellsing's vecinity and I hereby offer some of my fics for reviewing.

These are not all of my fics, these are the fics that matter, that I put real thought into and that I really bothered to work hard for (there was a time when I thought writing fics was for fun).

So, yeah.



Creeping Down the Corridors At Mid Night

French Knight

Thank you.

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An Historic Occasion.... [22 Nov 2005|09:48pm]

Sound the trumpets, for I believe I may have discovered the first Pip Bernadette Sue to grace ff.net

Takes place after Alucard changes Seras into a vampire in Cheddar. Kylie, Alucard's old fledging, comes for a vist from Hong Kong. What happens when she helps Hellsing fight the FREAKS? PipOc? AlucardOC?

*evil grin*
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German in Hellsing Fics [21 Nov 2005|10:51pm]

Because of Millennium we see characters in Hellsing-fics (like in the manga) speaking German quite often.
But often it's so crippled, that even a native German speaker (like me) has problems with figuring out what the author meant, babelfish is just not enough. This should find an end.

That's why I offer every author who is interested the possibility to contact me and I will help them with the German they want to use in there fic, for the best of the fic. I already helped dreadnot Just send me and e-mail or write an entry in my lj.

I would love to help you to stop crippled langauge in fics.
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GREETINGS... [21 Oct 2005|05:09am]

I am a loyal Integra Fanboy, and I've been writing since April. Funny thing is, I don't usually center on Integra in my fics. I would like to present you with my ff.net profile, and would like to ask kindly if anyone here could take a good look at my varying fics, some with an Original Character, some are kinda OOC, and some are sort of out-of-nowhere. If someone could tell me what they think, which are crap, which are okay, etc. I will be most grateful.

Loyal Integra Fanboy on ff.net
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Ahem [05 Sep 2005|07:37pm]

Sorry if you hate to see posts requesting for reviews, please read the cut for more info.
Read more...Collapse )
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Hellsing 0, Fanfic 1 [25 Aug 2005|10:17pm]
First of all, hello to everyone. Some time reader, first time contributor. I checked to see if anyone had got to this particular gem before me but it seems I was the first. Warning, I do exceed the legal limit for the word "badass" in this review, but God damn, what a badass main character!

I appreciate what I've written here does stray some way from the objective tone this group strives to maintain, but if ever there was a candidate for outright butchery then I believe I've found it. Hopefully if you read the fic you'll come to a similar conclusion. For you approval I submit:

Title: The devils brigade (sic)
Author: team wolf II
Summary: The Americans send a team of vampire hunters called the devils brigade and their own werecat to England to retrieve a rogue American vampire or kill it, but they end up meeting Hellsing and are at each other’s throats constantly.
Genres: General
Rating: T
Source: Found just downstream from the Rendering Plant

Plot: Self-styled American badasses "The devils brigade" and their leader Travis Barton arrive unannounced in England for the purposes of tracking down an errant American vampire. By an unexplained plot twist Integra is unable to evict them. Travis finds time to single-handedly kill Father Anderson and Alucard between playing Green Day songs on his guitar, drinking beer and starting fights. He's not a Gary Stu, though. No way.
Grammar, Style, Spelling and Punctuation: At its best moments it approaches competency. At its worst it becomes almost incomprehensible stream-of-consciousness madness. Half the time the author just about knows how to put a sentence together, and he's not the worst speller in the world, that's all I can really say.
Originality: I pray to God Almighty that there is not another Hellsing fic like this.
Characterization: None. The only person who is consistently drawn is Travis Barton, everyone else flutters around him like a moth round a very dim lightbulb.
Entertainment: In spades. Not the kind of entertainment you might want or the author might have expected, but I defy you to get through all twelve chapters without laughing at the absurdity of what you're witnessing. You'll want to keep reading just to see if it can get any worse, and you'll always be amazed at the ways the author finds to surprise you.
Canon: Yes, should be shot out of one.
Flaws: If you took away the flaws there would be nothing left.
Strengths: One day everyone who remembers this fic will be dead. If this is a troll it shows astounding dedication on the part of the author.
Suggestions: Seriously, if you want to create a hella cool asskicking fictional representation of yourself then at least have the decency not to drag innocent fandoms into it.
Overall rating: This fic has a half-life.

Sample of the story: There are several, because it deserves it.Collapse )
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