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Sorry if you hate to see posts requesting for reviews, please read the cut for more info.

But I just thought that I'd like to have my fanfic Midian reviewed. It's 6 chapters long and has gotten, from the last time I checked, 31 reviews and 250 hits, 3 C2s, 4 favs and 1 alert.

I'm NOT trying to boast, but the fact is I have stopped writing for the fic for nearly 2 years. It's not that I want to discontinue it but the fact that I have been VERY busy.

Before I continue, however, I want to get a general consensus on how it is. I've rewritten the front portion to an effect, maybe change many more things along the way as well since my story idea has gotten more mature.

Also, I've notice the sudden influx of Hellsing fanfiction, and I must say from a writer's POV, some of them TRULY don't even warrant a review by you guys to be marked 'toxic'.

I guess I just want to know how the fans now think of my fanfic. It has an OC, but from what my friend Thess has said, my OC is perfectly fine.

So, yes, I'm just requesting a little look-see, so that perhaps more readers might read it? Thank you very much and sorry if this request is just SO annoying.
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