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Ah Hello? Review for Breaking the Beast

Ah, new here, so bear with me...and I apologize if anyone's reviewed this one before...

 Title: Breaking the Beast
Author: Woof
Summary: "For every tale a beginning. Ten years after a fateful cold November evening in Transylvania, Abraham Van Helsing copes with the dangerous prisoner in his basement... (My first Hellsing fic. Criticism greatly appreciated.)"

Plot: Basically how Alucard comes to be bound by Abraham and how things progress afterwards. Told from Van Helsing's prospective.
Grammar, Style, Spelling and Punctuation: Flawless
Originality: I've seen a few people attempt to explore the change from Dracula to Alucard, but Woof's version is the best I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
Characterization: Completely on target. Alucard's character is more Manga related, and Abraham seems to have come directly out of Bram Stoker's Dracula. The combination of the two is mind blowing. Most of Dracula's characters are not mentioned very much, but when they do make appearances they are canon.
Entertainment: I laughed a couple of times and recoiled once in horror. Also provided valuable insight into both characters.
Canon:No OOC here. Woof compliments both Stoker's and Hirano's material.
Flaws:This was never finished it. I suspect he was running out of ideas because the last chapter was a bit odd. It is also slow in one or two sections, but other than that it was addictive. There is still hope me may finish...someday...
Strengths: Story telling style, grammar,  chapters that weren't too short or too long, engaging, nor any overly dramatic parts. Concise and masterful. Plot was genius in detail and description. Reading this fic blew my mind away...
Suggestions:If it were finished, that would make it an epic...
Overall rating: (Wow; Good; Promising; Bad; Toxic!). WOW. 9 out of 10 because it has no ending. -_-
Tags: wow
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